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The most common diseases in the digestive system

The most common diseases in the digestive system: causes and methods of prevention

The digestive system is affected by some diseases that affect its performance and functions. In some ways, these common diseases can be prevented
The digestive system is one of the most important organs of the body that must maintain its health because any defect in it will lead to many health problems
The digestive system may be exposed to certain diseases that affect its function, due to different causes, which should be noticed
The most common digestive disease
Learn about the most common digestive diseases
 Acidic carrots
When the stomach acid flows to the esophagus, the burner feels the burning and the chest pain, and this problem increases in the evening and during sleep on the bed
Some foods contribute to it, such as added foods such as sauce, citrus, fries, and sugars
 Inflammation of the intestines
Inflammation of the intestines leads to abdominal pain and changes in stool. Intestinal inflammation is divided into two types: Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis
 Digestive disorders
Indigestion causes severe abdominal pain and constipation, as well as gas and bloating
It can be caused by unhealthy and unhealthy foods, and it is recommended to drink plenty of water, eat vegetables, fruits and fiber foods to reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal disorders
Irritable bowel syndrome
Chronic diseases that cause severe pain in the stomach, where inflammation occurs in the colon, and increase pain with tension and anxiety
An irritable bowel patient suffers from flatulence and gas, as well as other symptoms that vary from person to person, such as constipation or diarrhea
Common abdominal health problems that often need to be removed to overcome are appendicitis
A gland associated with the colon, causing severe and unbearable pain in the lower abdomen to the right, causing difficulty in movement
Stomach ulcer
It is ulcerated in the mucous membrane of the stomach, leading to severe abdominal pain, especially when eating, with nausea and vomiting
It is considered a large number of the treatment of drugs and inflammation of painkillers are among the leading causes of stomach ulcers
Methods of prevention of diseases of the digestive system
Some methods help reduce the risk of common gastrointestinal diseases, including:
Avoid foods that contain saturated fats: unhealthy fats, which cause elevated blood cholesterol
In contrast, it is recommended to eat foods high in unsaturated fats, prefer to use olive oil in cooking instead of other species. Do not eat too many hot foods that cause stomach and intestinal infections
Follow a healthy diet: This ensures the maintenance of the health of the digestive system and the absence of any problems and stomach pain
This is done by eating the three main meals, including snacks and healthy vegetables and fruit. Drink plenty of water to rid the body of toxins and facilitate digestion
Exercise: Things that contribute to maintaining the health of the digestive system, because the sport improves the performance of all functions of the body
Do not delay the defecation: This is one of the main reasons for abdominal pain and gas and swelling and constipation, and if there is a mother at defecation, you should see your doctor
Avoiding excessive medication: It is a major cause of gastrointestinal problems, especially analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs
The drug must be prescribed by the doctor, and the dosage must be specified

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