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Types of energy

Energy is classified into several types, namely

Chemical energy.
Mechanical energy.
Thermal energy.
Solar energy.
Nuclear energy.
Electrical energy.
Optical energy.
It is noted that these forms of energy requires all of the movement, The heat is a rampage of molecules, chemical reactions require the union or disintegration of atoms and electrons that bind them, that is, the movement, as well as nuclear energy is the reorganization of the nuclei that enter the nucleus of an atom or graduated, and thus energy is transferred and is carrying traffic collisions or give movement permanently, and everything in the universe is a movement. It is light sun turns into heat after he had stored inside material is a chemical, and is worth mentioning that all of the energy used by the human until today was the result of this transformation.

And nuclear energy itself is divided into two different forms, namely:

Fission and fusion, and nuclear fission represents a transformation – nuclear fusion represents the fusion thermal transformation – nuclear.

It has become obvious that the current rate of population growth on the ground will not be able to maintain a fixed rate and thus lead to increased energy, appears here need to look for alternative sources for non-renewable energy sources.
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